10 Best Safety Apps Every Woman Should Have


Women are assaulted by criminals on daily basis around the world. This has made it necessary for women to be more security cautious and equipped. With the advancement of technology, security apps play an important role in the society and there are numerous women’s personal safety apps developed to help handle this issue.

In this post, we are going to give you a rundown of 10 best women’s personal safety apps.

Please note: This is not a sponsored post, and we have not been paid to list any of this applications. This list is to help women around the world. Here we go.

List of top 10 best security applications for women

#1. VithU App

Nobody has that time to dial an emergency number if they are in danger. The VithU App is one of the women’s personal safety apps that gives a potential victim a chance to skip through the number-punching.

It gives you a chance to press your power button twice to quickly send a SOS alert to your contacts. Alert messages are sent at regular intervals to your listed contacts.

Your contacts will get a message alongside your physical location, which will be updated each time the message goes out.

#2. Circle of 6 App

Circle of 6 app is a one of kind women’s personal safety apps that gives you a chance to connect with up to 6 close contacts. The application has distinctive notifications that the user can click on to alert their circle.

In the event that you need a familiar face to turn up and take you away from a danger environment or a save ride home. This application will enables you send an alert to any of your 6 selected contacts.

Over that, the application can connect you to the best possible authorities for an emergency, or even only for relationship advice.

#3. Life360 Family Locator App

Life360 is also one of multipurpose women’s personal safety apps to keep in contact with your friends and relatives and keep a handle about their location. The application gives you a chance to create circles, add individuals to them and see their location on a secret and confidential map.

By these you’ll have the ability to keep track of your relatives always and affirm that they’re sound and safe. You can send an alert to your circle members or share your location to them.

You can even chat for free with your circle members. As a reward, you can likewise use this application to recover your stolen or lost phone.

#4. I’m Shakti App

The I’m Shakti (IMS) application is one that intends to help keep your “Shakti” (power in Sanskrit) in your control.

To alert your emergency contact, press the power button 5 times (for like 2 seconds) to trigger the application. A preset emergency SMS will be sent alongside your GPS area.

#5. Famy Family Chat & Locator App

If for instance you are a parent who has a feisty child, or one who needs to watch over a school teenager sibling who has an issue with “personal space”. This might be the locator application you need.

The application grabs your correct GPS location and shares the area to the group.

Obviously, the individual whose area is being shared can choose when their location can be uncovered. However the application likewise monitors every previous location and will give users a chance to send an SOS message alert when vital.

#6. Nirbhaya: Be Fearless App

The Nirbhaya App is among women’s personal safety apps that gives the user a chance to call or send an SMS alert with just a single touch in case of a crisis.

Whenever activated, it will send your exact GPS location to your pre-chosen contacts, with correct location updates in every 300 meters you move.

Different features include the Geo Fence (which enables you to keep your contacts informed of your area). The ‘Shake to alert’ function, and you can utilize the power button to send a distress flag.

#7. Watch Over Me App

Watch Over Me is one of the most women’s personal safety apps that gives your contacts a chance to follow you on your journey remotely. The application gives you a chance to indicate to what extent you want it to track your GPS location.

Until the point that you check in from your planned destination.If you neglect to do as such, it sends an emergency alert to your selected contacts.

On the other hand, in the event that something terrible happens. You can shake your telephone to trigger an emergency alert.

Then your telephone’s camera will turn on automatically and begin recording. The application additionally informs you in the event that you’ve entered a high crime rate territory.

#8. Sentinel Personal Security SOS App

The Sentinel Personal security application claims to be the fastest SOS application available in the present market. It gives you a chance to email and send SMS alerts, and also call your emergency contacts when the need emerges.

The SMS alert will contain your time, direction of travel and GPS location. It works even without a working Internet network or connection, which could have the effect amongst life and death.

This is one of the vital women’s personal safety apps every woman should have.

#9. Secure Her App

If perhaps you stay alone in a place, a long way from family or close friends, this might be a decent alternative app.

The Secure Her works by sending a trouble signal when the telephone owner double clicks on the application’s icon in her telephone.

At that point, a call center will react to the trouble signal to ensure that assistance reaches the user. As of now, among the women’s personal safety apps this app is functional only in area of rapid rape cases (India).

However there are plans to make it available to different parts of the world too.

#10. Woman Safety Shield App

This application enables you to take pictures (as proof), and rapidly send information. It additionally your present location, to your pre-decided emergency contact.

That way, depending upon the circumstance, action can be taken instantly. Moreover, there’s likewise a Walk With Me function that gives your chosen contacts a chance to follow your travels to monitor your whereabouts.

Additionally it gives a list of police stations and hospitals that are closest to you.

Like Secure Her App, this is also among the women’s personal safety apps available for India users only presently.

The aforementioned apps are some of the women’s personal safety apps every woman should have on their phone. Thanks for reading and feel free to drop your comment in case any.

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