10 Signs That You Are A Half Baked Graduate


If you think this article is too long to read and also thinking of jumping to the last paragraph, then you are a half-baked graduate.

10 Signs That You Are A Half Baked Graduate

A saying goes like this: You don’t have to pass through University, you also have to let University pass through you.

We are not here today to account for how many shows or party you followed. I am not here to count the number of ‘A’s you got back to back. The purpose of this article is to show to you some signs of a half-baked graduate.

My brother and sister, Check yourself as you read and discover maybe you are half baked or not.
9 Signs That You Are A Half Baked Graduate

1. You can’t read beyond Just a page
You know, after we graduated from school, we said it’s over for Home works, term papers and the likes. Tats just to make some fun. If you are a graduate and you are already thinking this my article is long, you are half baked. A gallant graduate would like to read most things, while half-baked would be so lazy looking for summary.

2. Lack of Confidence in Conversation
University was the best place to ever develop all the confidence you ever need to create a relationship. My friends and I back then in 200 level, we always go out for hunting. We just get out of the hostel and then we make friends with every guys we meet and also try to collect the phone number of every girls we see. And that’s still helping till today.

Many graduates out there lack a manner of approach. They have a good dream, but telling intellectual people like them is a problem. If you fall into this category, you are half- baked.

3. You can’t read and write efficiently.
I don’t wanna believe there is any graduate out there who could not read efficiently with punctuation marks. And I don’t also want to agree that it is still possible a graduate cannot write without starting a comedy. Its funny though. But if you are out there, you still can’t read or write with confidence, with all due respects, you are half-baked sir.

4. You still can’t use Microsoft Word
You are still thinking of taking your CV to business center for them to type for you. If you are a graduate and you will still be searching for ‘Z’ on the keyboard of a computer, you are half-baked. How will a graduate not know what Ctrl C or Ctrl V means? Baba you are half baked.

5. You don’t know your Part of speech
You are a science student claiming you were not taught part of speech in University. We were taught Part of speech in Primary and secondary school. So please look for another argument. You call yourself a graduate and you don’t know part of speech, you are half- baked.

6. You can’t teach others
A wise saying goes like this: “What you cannot explain to a 6 year old boy, you don’t know it”. You claim to be a graduate and want to go for NYSC and you cannot teach, you are half- baked.

7. You do not Comment on an Intellectual post like this, You are half-baked
Gallant graduates are always curious and willing to be known in a place especially on an intellectual platform. Only half-baked graduates will read this article and refuse to comment. If you are not half-baked graduate, remind us the part of speech or add to this list below.

8. You still download p0rn movies
If still do that, you are still trapped in secondary school. A graduate don’t do that anymore. If you still do that, you are half-baked.

9. Add to the list
Gallant and Correct graduates will add to the list below. Just check comments and see as graduates will add to the list. Only a half-baked will just walk away and not add to this list…

Thank you for reading 9 Signs That You Are A Half Baked Graduate by Corpers Forum.

Let me wait and see how many original graduates will prove they are…

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