Factors To Consider Before Buying a Mobile Phone


​Purchasing a new mobile phone can be very easy and fun because all you need to do is walk into a mobile phone showroom with an idea of the brand of phone you want to buy.

But when you walk in to the showroom without the slightest inkling of the brand of phone you want to buy, you might be setting yourself up for failure.

This is because by doing so, you have failed to

You didn’t put certain things into consideration before going out to get the phone which is one of the many issues most of us face.

You didn’t consider how long the phone guarantees its usage. Some phones have a guarantee of two or three years while some last a longer period of time.

10 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Mobile Phone

There are many things to consider before purchasing a mobile phone but here are 10 major facts to be considered:

1. Phone cost

Before heading to the market, you have to understand your budget which will give you an idea on what you can afford. There are so many brands out there with similar features. When you appear confused to the marketer, you have simply given them a loophole for them to bait you.

2. Durability

You won’t want to lose your phone so soon, which is why you need to understand the ruggedity of a phone goes a long way in defining its lifespan. Some brands are known to develop faults without cause in a relatively short time.

3. Screen Resolution

For me, I prefer small screen devices, as they come in handy and easy to operate, but we have some people who would surely love larger screens. But did you known some large screens are power-consuming while others are lower and may not give the required result?

4. Battery life

Some phone’s battery do not last for an hour before going off and you need to power them like three times a day or you may not even use the phone for 30mins before the battery dies. So you need to consider the battery capability before buying the phone.

5. Connectivity

If you would love to access the web then you should go for phones that won’t give you issues in connection regardless of the network you’d be using.

6. Camera and Sound quality

You could want to snap selfies on occasions with friends and loved ones then you sound for phones with good camera quality that possesses TFT(thin-film transistor), UFB(ultrafine and bright), OLED (organic light-emitting diode). if you’re a music lover then I’m sure you’d want to have a high sound quality so you should go for phones with enhanced volume control and DSP system enabled.

7. Operating System

Have you heard about the US-China sanctions and how it affects the mobile phone industry? Please check info about a phone’s software and Appstore before putting your money on it.

8. Data consumption

To put it in simpler terms, high-end mobile phone users report more data consumption compared to cheaper phones. This is because those expensive gadgets tend to operate better at an optimum level.

9. Memory

iPhones don’t use memory cards, know this before buying one, so you can ask questions about the phone storage at the store.

10. Accessories

Some phone accessories may be more or less important but if they are a large part of the phone then you should consider buying them along with the phone like the headset, car kits, hand-free kit etc.

What are the qualities of a good mobile phone?

There are some general requirements that a useful smartphone needs to have before you can consider putting your money on it.

For a device to be tagged as a good mobile phone it must have a strong battery, clear display, plenty of storage space, fingerprint or biometric security, a good camera, and a great processor.

Let’s hope with these tips you are set to get yourself a durable phone that will contain all requirements you need. Yippee!

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