5 Health Benefits Of Fasting


Fasting refers to not taking either food, drink, or both by yourself with no force, for a particular period of time. It could be done partially for some certain kind of food or as totally in which no food or liquid is consumed for a day or a few days.

If you can’t skip food for a day, give up coffee or sweets, here are top reasons to fast.

Detoxification: This is a normal body activity when the body neutralizes or gets rid of any type of toxins in the various organs like the colon, liver, lungs, or skin . During fasting, the body turns to the fat deposits for energy, which releases chemicals from the fatty reserves and results in the removal of these chemicals through these organs.

Improves Mental Health: After fasting, the blood is filled with increased levels of endorphins, which makes you more alert and leaving you with a feeling of good mental health.

Reduces Risk Of Obesity: Fasting has been and is still been used to fight off obesity for a long period. It activates the liver enzymes and breaking down fat and cholesterol into essential bile acids, stimulating the metabolism and converts the surplus fat into heat.

Under medical guidance, fasting proves to be the simplest and surest way to take out excess fat with an acceptable amount of minimum risks to one’s health.

Fasting can actually make you fatter. The power of fasting is not in losing weight during the fast, but in gaining control of your appetite after the fast, which is the REAL problem.

Gives The Digestive System A Break: During fasting, the digestive organs rest, giving the digestive system a much-needed rest. After fasting, both digestion and elimination are invigorated.

Lowers risk of type 2 diabetes: Fasting is known to reduce insulin resistance, helping with insulin sensitivity, allowing you to tolerate carbohydrate better than normal. Leading to a reduction in blood sugar levels, reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Source: Health This Moment

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