5 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Work At Home Online Business


We have all heard of how people start and succeeded in their online business. There are a lot of entrepreneurs within our neighborhoods that are strikingly rich and that are earning every single penny legitimately from the comfort of their homes.

One unfortunate thing about the Nigerian community is that their thinking faculty is still clouded with the old mentality of all internet businesses are “yahoo yahoo”. In their own ways of thinking, any successful young person that does not go to 8-5 slavery and earns a lot of money is into “yahoo yahoo” or something illegitimate. As Long as you know you earn every single penny legitimately, jack and Jill can keep on dancing..

Below Are 5 Reasons to Start Your Own Legitimate Internet Business:

1. It is an extra source of income

Most Nigerians makes a common mistake, they violate a very important principle of getting rich. The principle says “increase your ability to earn”. Most rich men always think of how to earn more, which new businesses to venture into and so on while the poor are always thinking of how to cut down cost. Example: your salary is 50k, in the next 10 years your increment will make it 65k and by then, you will have 4 kids and inflation has increased significantly.

For heaven sake if 50k can’t cater for you and your wife today how on earth do you think 65k will cater for 6 of you in 10yrs time all in the name of cutting down cost?

Mark my words: principle number 1 is to increase your ability to earn. Since the offline jobs have gone extinct, seek online alternatives.

2. It creates A sense Of Security

Today, a lot of Nigerian workers do not know their faith. They are always hoping they will not meet their dismissal letter on their table daily. As a matter of fact, I wonder if organizations in Nigeria are now competing excellence or the number of people they have sacked. This is mainly because if bank A is not sacking 4000 workers, Bank B is sacking 2800 workers or oil companies are sacking 18,000 people etc.

Having an online business gives you a sense of security. It makes you feel that when you are falling you have a sofa to fall on.

3. It Gives You More Free Time In The Long Run

Some of the most successful affiliate marketers today that work for not more than 4hours weekly use to be employees that use their day time for 8-5 slavery and part of their night for their affiliate marketing business. The fruit their labor has yielded for them is that they are very successful and have much free time as they only work about 4-5hours weekly.

4. It Gives You A Sense Of Accomplishment

Having your own successful online business gives you a sense of achievement. It makes you realize your physical and mental capacities.

5. It Serves As A Financial Shade For Your Future.

As kiyosaki said in his all-time best selling rich dad poor dad, “investment is like a seed, the earlier you sow it the earlier it will grow to create a financial shade for your future”.

Just like the investment seed, so is the internet business seed. The earlier you get started, the earlier it will grow to create a financial shade for your future.

Procrastination has ridiculed billions of extraordinary brains before now. Do not fall victim of the enemy called procrastination. You must start your affiliate marketing business at this second of this minute of this hour of this day right now.

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