7 Things To Do That Might Save Your Life During Accident


7 Things To Do That Might Save Your Life During Accident

Here are top seven things you can do, that just might save your life during an accident. A road is something no one wants to experience, well, there are steps to take to help prevent bad occurrences such as injuries and even worse, death.

Checkout the tips below, and make sure you follow them next time you are on the road.

Always Wear Your Seat Belt

This is something you should never ignore. I know most of us do this when we see road safety officials ahead of us. But that’s not enough, seat belts are there to save you, so try to make use of them.

Keep Potential Flying Objects Safe

At times during an accident, it is not the collision that causes the damage, but the objects in the vehicle. You sure wouldn’t want sharp objects or any object that could cause harm to you, flying around, so keep objects you don’t use frequently in the boot. Keep your pen in the glove box. To stay safe.

Drive The Safest Car You Can Afford

When buying a car try to shift your focus from just the aesthetics and fuel economy of the car. You should also take into consideration the crash tests and safety ratings of a car before buying.

Don’t Over Speed

Have you come across this before, speed thrills, but kill. Well, if you a true road user, you must have come across this fact. Even if the road is totally free, you should limit your speed. In case of an accident, when you are not over speeding the force of impact would be less and injuries minimal.

Aim For An Object That Would Do Least Damage

In case of an accident, aim for an object that would do least damage, both to yourself and others. This is why you should always be alert and conscious of your environment, when driving.

Keep The Kids Strapped In Always

Children are lighter than you are and can easily get thrown around when an accident occurs. So keep them buckled up always!.

Always Have Emergency Number On Speed Dial

Always have an emergency number on speed dial. If possible activate voice control on your phone ,because you might not be able to move. You should also have phone numbers of loved ones saved and on speed dial, with easily identifiable names like “wife” and “mum” etc. This helps.

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