Top 10 Best Radio Stations in Ghana


A lot of Ghanaians listen to their radios frequently and even despite the popularity of the internet this traditional media form has not lost its relevance in the West African country.

In today’s editorial, I will be listing the 10 radio stations counted as the best in Ghana today, looking at it from the angle of their individual popularity.

Top 10 Best Radio Stations in Ghana

Best Radio Stations in Ghana 2022

If you are the type who loves to always listen to the best, then this post of the top 10 best radio stations in Ghana is sure to suit your taste, as we are going to list the best of the best.

Please note, that this ranking has been arranged based on a recent GeoPoll analysis. The research was able to compile a list of the most popular radio stations in the country at the moment.

What to know is the most listened to a radio station in Ghana today? Check out the list below.

List of the top 10 best radio stations in Ghana today – (2021)

1. Peace FM

Peace FM is an Akan radio station located in Accra known for factual, relevant, and up-to-the-minute news reports, general information, and enlightening interviews.

2. Adom FM

Adom FM is a mass-market station broadcasting in the Akan language with a strong Christian feel also known for news, talk and music-based entertaining programming, the audience profile is lightly female skewed.

3. Citi FM

Largely driven by social and community problems that require the attention of policy makers, this platform combines News & Current Affairs with music and engaging interactive audience programming.

4. Joy FM

Arguably the leading radio station in Ghana that broadcasts in the English language. Established in 1995 by Kwasi Twum becoming the first private radio station to be licensed in Ghana.

5. Kessben FM

This is one of the top radio stations in the country currently having its head office located at Aseda House, Adum Adum, Kumasi, Ghana

6. Nhyira FM

Owned by Multimedia Group Limited, Nhiyira FM operates from Kumasi, the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

7. Hello FM

Arguably the biggest local radio station based in the Garden city, Kumasi, Hello FM covers news, music and, entertainment.

8. Okay FM

Located in Acra, Ghana, Okay FM is a radio station that is available both on 101.7 FM and online. Its programming focuses mostly on national and international news and information.

9. Zaa Radio

They provide the latest local news, sports, politics, business, education, opinion health and so much more.

10. Radio Gold

Popularly known as your power station, Radio Gold is a private independent radio station that aims to serve the community. Its programming includes a great variety of content such as politics, sports, entertainment, world news, and much more.

Analysis of this list of the top 10 best radio stations in Ghana today 2022

As you can see from the above list, six radio stations based in Accra are one of the top 10. This is not strange as Accra is the major city in Ghana and you can expect more people tuning in to their radio in this location.

Though Peace FM sits on top of this list, it was not an easy one as Adom FM battled hard to take that spot. Well, we never can tell, as things might just change before the next year.

What is the most listened radio station in Ghana?

Going by popular opinion, Joy FM is the most listened to radio station in Ghana today.

How many radio stations are in Ghana?

There are currently 489 operational radio stations in Ghana today, though the National Communications Authority (NCA) has already given frequency authorizations to 684 FM Broadcasting Stations in the West African country.

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