Best Radio Stations in Nigeria 2022


Despite being a tough ask to rank the radio stations in Nigeria, we have come up with a comprehensive list of the ten most popular ones today.

The top 10 best radio stations in Nigeria cuts across the federation and feature the likes of Cool FM, Beat FM, Wazobia FM, Best FM, and others.

Many Nigerians are also in search of the best radio station in Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and the likes, this list is set to cover all that as we are going to give you the best of the best.

List of the top 10 best radio stations in Nigeria today (2022)

Please note, that this list has not been arranged in any particular order, but all the radio stations on this list a sure among the best and most popular in Nigeria today.

1. Cool FM

This is one of the best radio stations in Nigeria today. Cool FM is focused on music, entertainment gist, sports, games, national news and topical issues, interviews and other entertaining programmes. Cool FM is present in four Nigerian States Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja and Kano.

2. Beat FM

This radio station is popular among the youth and is significantly the first radio station in Nigeria and Africa that got verified on Twitter. Beat FM focuses on producing programmes that cut across music and entertainment as well as informational programmes. Beat FM is present in both Lagos and Ibadan.

3. Wazobia FM

This was the first radio station in Nigeria to run programs in Pidgin English. This radio station has four branches in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Kano.

4. Rhythm FM

Radio is mostly about fun and information, and Rhythm FM is another popular radio station in Nigeria that is music oriented. Rhythm FM is owned by Silverbird Group and has a presence in Abuja, Port Harcourt, Akwa, and Plateau state.

5. Brila FM

If you are a sports lover then you must know Brila FM. This radio station is the first and only sport-only radio station in Nigeria. Brila FM is present in Abuja, Lagos, Onitsha, and Kaduna.

6. Raypower FM

Raypower FM is the first independent broadcasting station in Nigeria. This radio station has a very large coverage in Nigeria today as it is present in about 18 States and in Abuja.

7. Nigeria Info FM 99.3

This Nigeria radio station offers entertaining programmes, news, and lots more.

8. Inspiration FM 92.3

This has to be your preferred family radio station as they attend to the needs of all listeners of discernible age (an average of between 12 and 70years). Sports also get few hours so you are covered as a sports fan as well. OAPs include Anthony Ajulu, Swo, Chioma e.t.c. There is also a particular program, “Sharing Life Issues.” that exposes you to real-life experiences as per life stories, marriages, friendships, and so on, you definitely get to learn a lot from it. The beautiful Tosyn Bucknor lost her battle to Sickle cell anemia while she worked with Inspiration FM.

9. Bond FM 92.9

10. Urban96 FM

They concentrate on talk and music. Local and topical news is massively catered for and the music is strictly local on this station. They followed Wazobia FM’s path as they use just pidgin English as well. Upcoming artists are supported on this station so it is a platform to listen to new, fresh music too. African tunes also get played to remind us of our roots. OAPs include Godwin Aruwayo, Sabina, Ushbebe e.t.c.

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  1. Radio stations are becoming more popular among Nigerians. They are different and vary from state to state. This means that a radio station, which is being listened to in Abuja, may not be present in Lagos, for example. Today we’ve decided to tell you about the Top 10 Radio Stations in Nigeria.
    The List of Top 10 Radio Stations in Nigeria:
    1. Ayefele Fresh FM
    2. Fresh FM Ibadan
    3. Brila FM
    4. Biafra 24 News
    5. Magic FM Aba
    6. Cool FM Lagos
    7. Blue Voice Radio
    8. Wazobia FM
    9. CLASSIC FM 97.3
    10. Fortis Radio 9

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