Deborah Yakubu Samuel Murder and Kano Maitatsine Riots of 1980


A young female student was murdered in broad daylight, and the public is protesting against the arraignment of the culprits.

This insensible outcome is currently playing out in Nigeria in the year 2022.

Deborah Yakubu Samuel Murder and Kano Maitatsine Riots of 1980

Youths in Sokoto have taken to the streets to burn down churches, vandalise shops of southerners and also storm the palace of the most revered religious and traditional leader in the country.

They threatened to burn it down.

How this is happening in the modern day is shocking to many who are not familiar with the history of Northern Nigeria.

Let us go back in history to the year 1980, when Kano state witnessed its most deadly riots ever.

The MAITATSINE riots of 1980.

One that claimed the lives of 5,000 Nigerians, including Maitatsine himself.

Northern Nigeria though an ethnically and religiously diverse region is an overwhelmingly majority Muslim region.

Despite having strong revenue generation industries like Agriculture and Mining, the region accounts for 87% of the poor people in Nigeria.

The region has also gained a reputation of being an epicenter for regional violence and extremism in the country.

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The Boko Haram insurgency has led to the death of tens of thousands of Nigerians since 2009, but Maitatsine is defined by historians as the grandfather of religious terror in the country.

Over 5,000 people were killed within 12 days of the uprising, as the militants went from house to house in Kano, killing people as they wished.

Maitatsine’s real name was Alhaji Muhammadu Marwa.

And he got the nickname from his persistent invocation of curses on Muslims of other sects, saying Allah Tatsine (May God curse, so and so).

He was not a Nigerian and made his first contact with Kano in the year 1945.

The British colonial authorities sent him into exile, but he will return to the country shortly after independence.

His preachers were erratic as he condemned innovations like watches, radios, and cars.

Matatsine will continue to gain more popularity.

As his followers increased, so did attacks on government facilities…this will reach its peak when his son was killed in the year 1980.

According to residents, Maitatsine’s son, Tijani was said to have been killed while on an outing with his friends.

When the father saw the lifeless body of his son who was shot in unclear circumstances, he was said to have cried in agony, saying: “Oh the people of Kano, what have I done to you to deserve this?”

From then on, Maitatsine started slaughtering people in the name of revenge, and within days over 5,000 had been killed.

The public murder of Deborah Samuel and the resulting riots in Sokoto is once again setting a terrible cloud of religious violence over the Northern region of the country.

Churches are being burnt down, and shops of non-Muslims are being vandalised by rampaging youths.

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The son-in-law of Africa’s richest man has also spoken out publicly in defense of the mob’s actions.

He has emphasized that the punishment for blasphemy is death, echoing the request of the protesters that the murderers should not be arrested.

A lot of youths have also stormed social media to support the killings.

These are indeed terrifying times.

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