“The human race will not see better days until either the stock of those who rightly and genuinely follow philosophy acquire political authority, or else the class who have political control be led by some dispensation of providence to become real philosophers”

Plato, one of the greatest philosophers of his time is credited to have echoed the above words in his bid to explain the gargantuan responsibilities placed upon those in authority. The instruments of justice which must lead to the harmonious coexistence of humans in this complex society cannot be left in the hands of mediocre and people of lilliputian mindsets. It involves critical thinking. It comes with an unusual discharge of uncommon energy and zeal. Leadership in the 21st century is quite tasking and arduous, hence, we cannot afford to leave leadership to trial and error.

In every contest, the choice of those who should represent a people is fundamental to the outcome of the desired impacts. These are essential qualities needed for effective functioning. We cannot plant maize and expect to harvest yam. This informs why we have successfully emplaced terrible leaders despite the avalanche of alternatives at our disposal.

As Plato said, the human race will not see better days until either the stock of those who rightly and genuinely follow philosophy acquire political authority…
Plato was right. Let’s ponder on the kinds of politics played by late Chief Obafemi Awolowo and his contemporaries. If we are good students of history, we will recall that they played politics of wellbeing where the interest of the majority superseded that of the few oligarchs. It was an era of regional development occasioned by healthy rivalries. Whatever good things that happened in the West were quickly replicated in the East and North.

Unfortunately, and shamelessly too, we have entered into the era of mediocrity, cankerworms and looters. One would be tempted to apologize to Dr Oyewusi, the dreaded notorious armed robber who was shot at the Bar beech in the 70s whenever one considers the flowing kleptomaniac tendencies of our present wannabes.

God has never left His people without a way of escape. The incursion of Rt. Hon Olufemi Bamisile, BAFEM, is a soothing balm at this critical moment. We are blessed with a man who has learnt the rudiments of leadership. We have high hope in a man who has been tested and found worthy in all the capacities he has found himself; to serve the people of Ekiti state.

Beyond luck and circumstances, BAFEM has prepared himself for leadership by rising steadily in the political ladder since 2001 when he became a Special Adviser on Internally Generated Revenue to the Chairman of Surulere Local Government, Lagos State. He rose to become the Speaker of the Ekiti State House of Assembly and now, a Member of the 9th Assembly where he serves as the Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Federal Road Maintenance Agency (FERMA).

In his short time at the NASS, his impacts in facilitating road projects to ease the pains of the people of Ekiti state is glaring. What about employment opportunities for our teeming youths. As I write, the Rt. Hon Olufemi Bamisile has secured over 170 Federal Government jobs for Ekiti young Graduates, in different fields. He’s also about giving out another 30 employment letters before January 22, when APC would conduct it’s primary election. No other person has beaten this feat. In the same vein, farmers can smile with the provision of about 200 million worth of fertilisers to boost agriculture and enhance food supply. This is aside other interventions in the lives of his constituents in the areas of Streets’ Solar light provision, health and personal financial assistance in various ways .

It’s time to trust a man whose good past can be replicated in the future. It’s a worthy thing to ask what the antecedents of all aspirants have been to Ekiti Ketes, before giving them power to serve.. This, to BAFEM, is the first test of many other great things to come, if elected by the Party, the APC.

BAFEM, we know and have testified to his activities since he became a member of House of Representatives, representing Ekiti South. We trust him because we have seen him in action. He won’t disappoint Ekiti people; he won’t disappoint his Party and the people.
Let’s support him to be Ekiti Governor, come October, 2022

Happy new year and happy first Sunday of the year

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