How Ekiti Waste Management Agency is keeping our environment safe


An eye-opener on the heroic activities of the Ekiti State Waste Management Agency (EKS-WAMA), and how residents are actually frustrating the efforts of the officials.

Did you know that cleaning of some areas in Ado-Ekiti takes place at night, while you are in bed?

Daily, great men and women of Ekiti work hard on our streets to keep our environment safe.

To keep our environment clean, the Ekiti state waste management agency (EKS-WAMA) carries out the cleaning and clearing of waste from streets in Ado-Ekiti.

The generation of waste and its disposal, collection, transport, and processing are important for healthy ecosystems and the health of people.

The negative health effects of waste management are the subject of a large literature.

Two main health outcomes have been found to be statistically associated with waste exposure: cancer and congenital malformations.
This is why the activities of the Ekiti State Waste Management Agency (EKSWAMA), is highly important to our everyday lives and health.

With an increasing population with over 400,000 residents, a booming economy, rapid urbanization, and the rise in community living standards, Ado-Ekiti today is a modern city, and so we are not caught up with a health crisis caused by major urban environmental concerns- municipal waste management, EKSWAMA has been making moves to keep our society clean.

In this documentary, we will follow the activities of the Ekiti State Waste Management Agency (EKS-WAMA) and have a first-hand view of how they have been keeping the state safe from epidemics.

Maybe after watching, you will also devote yourself to proper waste disposal, keeping us all safer and healthier.

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