Gaming is already a popular culture in Ekiti today, and a lot of young lads in the state are in tune with the global trend.

A startup in the Ado Ekiti is looking to break barriers, and boost the gaming culture in the state.

Gamers Ekiti Startup looks to deliver premium gaming services to residents

In this article, we would be sharing details of our conversation with a staff of the firm, as we look to get more details as to what they are really all about.

What is Gamers Ekiti all about?


Gamers Ekiti is the vision of numerous Ekiti gamers, as a lot of us sure need a platform to showcase our talents. There are a lot of talents in this state, not just the common FIFA game, but loads of games.

We have a social media platform where we look to bring gamers together and build their profiles also.

This is common in Europe, as there are popular gamers making millions weekly today. We can’t possibly be left out on this, and that sure is why we have brought this together.

Is social media the only vision of your founder, or there are other aspects of Gamers Ekiti?

Yes, to achieve social media, we have to support the gamers, and we sure do have one of the best support systems at our headquarters.

We render various support services like game installations, selling consoles, and also getting gadgets.

This is all to help improve their experiences. There is also an interesting aspect, as we host various gaming events.In all, we are building a vibrant gaming community.

Gamers Ekiti looks to bring the community together, and their social media pages are already a living testimony to the huge potential of the gaming industry.

They create and post interactive videos on their official instagram page @gamersekiti, as they look to become the platform for other gamers to showcase their talents.

For our game installation service, we only support the PS5 and PS4 consoles. We can render any form of support services for the consoles.

We have a special package for first time game installation customers, as we look to help them get started in their gaming adventure.

All this can’t obvuiously alone, so we sure would be partnering with top brands to help achieve our goals.

What is the mission of Gamers Ekiti?

Our mission is to build a global reputable gaming community in Ekiti state, this state is blessed with one of the brightest minds, and we are sure we have the world best gamers in this community. Discovering them and showcasing their talents to a global audience is our target.

You sure would agree with this position, as when you look around your local communities, you can point out one or two persons who are pretty good at gaming.

So think about it, what if there was a platform to better showcase that talent?

How can people contact Gamers Ekiti?

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us a lot about business operations and the importance of the internet. This is why we are making online platforms our first forms of contact.

Instagram: @gamersekiti

Facebook: @gamersekiti

WhatsApp: 08062787264

Though if the need arises, you can sure visit our physical location.

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