Honorable Barji David Bitrus Biography


Honourable Barji David Bitrus well known as BDB is a native of Ngas, hails from Plateau State, Nigeria.

He is a man of hard work and a self-motivated individual that got himself through to university to obtain a Bsc Degree in Accountancy, after completing his secondary education at Gonerit Memorial College Tuwan Kabir, in Kanke Local Government of Plateau State.

Honorable Barji David Biography and Life History

David Barji is married to Sarah David Bitrus, the marriage is blessed with three children: Arrit Jesse David, Arbat Rex David and Ar’Khinen Tabitha David.

David Barji has risen to be a senior aide to Senator Abu Ibrahim (Senior Ranking Senator – who Representing Katsina State).

His work with Senator Abu Ibrahim started 17 years ago as member of his security staff, his dedication to service saw him through to become the secretary and a trusted confidant to the Senator.

David Barji is also an entrepreneur who in his little way gives back to the society, he mentors and build people in business and community development, through the period of growth and acceleration.

David is well travelled around the world, for official reasons and personal development.

He is a community activist who supports young people to attain their potentials through school education, employment opportunities in private and public sectors

Hon Barji Declaration as aspirant


Use me oh Lord, I have come to serve my people, bless me my leaders ( party, and Royal fathers) to go out there , be victorious and bring good tidings to our people, this is why I’m here today ‘were the words of the incoming Servant of the good people of Pankshin / Kanke / Kanam federal constituency at various Palaces and party Secretariat of the three Local Governments.

It was a home coming for the Frontline aspirant for the seat of the House of Representatives , seeking to Represent the good and hospitable people of Pankshin/ Kanke / Kanam at the Green chamber National Assembly,Abuja.

Hon Barji David was in company of his family members, friends, Campaign Coordinators, Elders, women, stakeholders, youths, comrades , students, party faithfuls , numerous supporters and admirers .

The man who brings Hope to the people on arriving pankshin met a long queue of cars from his supporters and well wishers who joined him to the declaration.

His first point of call was at the palace of His Royal Highness Nde Ngolong pwel where he grew up to becoming a promising young man, the Palace was filled to capacity as all the Village heads under Pwel , the pwel Development Association, youths and elders were at the Royal palace to bless the Aspiration of one of their illustrious son.
Nde Ngolong pwel said Hon Barji is a young man but his ideas , thinking and consistent urge for community development has made him an elder . He thanked him for giving hope to the children by providing a conducive learning environment with good structures of classroom blocks. He said the palace which they recieved him is a foundation set up by his fore parents and it is symbolic to them because not every Politician will be recieved in this particular place, Nde Ngolong equally said, if it is only in their power to give leadership, Hon Barji would have been declared winner already even before the election, but since it is three local Governments , then we shall join our Faith with yours, he made pronouncement of victory upon him, charges his numerous supporters to go forth and bring victory from the 3 local Governments.

The traditional father ,now ask everybody to leave except Hon Barji who will be blessed by their ancestors and performed the ritual of giving his blessings. Before then ,one amongst the stakeholders who spoke said he is a well wisher of Hon Barji but he is a strong PDP member, and if Apc should not give Barji their ticket or try a mistake of repeating second tenure and watch PDP taking home the House of Reps seat in pkk.

The train now moved to Dawaki unit A and later ward level were the ward Chairman appreciated his support to the party always, assured him that they are hopeful he will return victorious.

He immediately left to pankshin his paternal home ,were he first met the party Local Government Exco, the chairman of the party , elders and well wishers welcomed Hon Barji home, Hon Barji while Speaking thank the party Chairman for making him his special child and promised to continue to be loyal to him , the party and the people.
Hon Barji David outlined some of his modest reasons why he contested in 2019,though he loss to the incumbent, his dreams and ideas are still intact and the motive behind his aspiration this time is to bring integrity and sincerety in addition to his plans in service . This and many more has moved him to come back again and this time is for victory with God and good people of Pkk.

The pankshin party Chairman now led Hon Barji David to local Government Secretariat where he met the Executive Chairman and seek his blessings, represented by the Deputy Chairman,the council prayed for him and wished him well.
He then had a brief meeting with all the councillors at the legislative chamber, the leader of the legislative arm said, they know him and what he has done and what he will do if given the chance , he prayed for him and wish him well.

Next, the face of Hope train moved down to the Rocky hills of Dalla his paternal home village where , Ngolong, Galadima Dalla and elders of the communities prayed for him and blessed him.
The youth leader thanked him for always contributing to the development of the community, the elders said the symbolic meaning of his name BARJI and the Biblical DAVID has said it all about him, therefore go and conquer.

The train then, moved down to the palace of his Royal Highness the District head of Kabwir where Hon Barji David thanked his Royal Highness for his fatherly role in advancing the development of Kabwir District, and requested his fatherly blessings, Nde Ngolong Kabwir said if those who were ahead of them have seen the need to have an arrangement for fairness,equity and justice, then he should go out for victory believing pkk people will speak in unison when the time comes.

He his Royal Highness advised his supporters to be friendly just as Barji is humble.

The convoy now set to Kanke Apc party Secretariat where youths and numerous supporters were all waiting for the arrival of the captain of the Face of Hope , the chairman of party and his Exco wished him well, before then Hon Barji made known some of his plans for the people , saying he will consolidate on the gains so far achieved by all the former Members that will precede his coming if he emerged.

The moving train now set up for Kanam local Government party Secretariat , which on arrival there was a murmured crowd in jubilation to recieved the August visitor, the party Chairman and his Exco welcomey him, Hon Barji told them his reason of coming and why Kanam is a home to him.
The party also wished him well.

While coming out of the party office, hundreds of youths stoped Hon Barji, and the leader of their group who spoke in Hausa said ” mu a Kanam mun Gama na mu tenure, ya rage naku ” Kuma, muna Maka fatar Alheri za ka wakilce mutanen pkk a 2023 “which means,Pkk is one tenure and we are done with ours in Kanam, this is your time, and we are with you for victory.

Hon Barji who was out of words and ran emotional managed to say few words, encourage them not to be deterred assuring them that Hope is here and he thanked them for believing in our norm of equity and togetherness.
It was already late evening and the campaign team left for Jos, while Hon Barji thanked his numerous supporters for their show of love , for leaving their engagements, suffered hunger just for his sake, the sacrifice he will never take for granted.

Hon Barji repeatedly assured the people of his working experience in the National Assembly for 18 years, saying nobody can buy experience in the market, and he will use his network and goodwill to serve the people in Humility if elected, he will be representing them by holding their mandate in Trust .

He said the current serving member has set a benchmark,and he will raise the bar stressing that building fresh Horizon is possible in pkk with him as the pkk servant.

Second phase, will be the office of the executive chairman of Kanke, Kanam and the palace of His Royal Highness the Emir of Kanam in a later date .

To God be the Glory it was a peaceful, huge and successful.

Hope has come, Hon Barji is here to serve pkk.

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