Infinix Hot S3 Introduces “Face Unlock” Feature


Infinix has announced it has rolled out an OTA update for the Hot S3 smartphone, which enables the Face Unlock feature. The update is especially being enabled on the Hot S3 as a pre-market rollout. For the existing users, the feature will be rolled out starting March 14, 2018. We have updated our review unit with the software update, which is about 330MB in size.

In order to enable the feature, you would need to head to Settings in your device and tap on Security & Locations. Scroll down to find an option called Face ID and tap on it. To set it up, you will be required to first have a lock screen passcode lock. If you already have one, it will head you with the Face ID setting up the process, and if not, it will first ask you to set up a passcode. You can select one of pin, pattern or password.

Once you are through setting up the lock screen passcode, you will automatically be taken to the Face ID section. Tap on Add Face ID and scan your face in a little dial you see on your smartphone’s screen. You will see the spikes around your picture dial-up, and when they go full circle, you will be prompted with a “Face ID successfully enrolled” message. Which means you are ready to unlock your smartphone with your face.

To use the feature, lock your smartphone’s screen. Now press the power button and hold the phone up to your face. And your phone will be unlocked.

In an instance where you are trying to unlock your device somewhere in a dark ambiance, the smartphone will prompt saying, “Click to turn on the flashlight to unlock the device with your face”, and you will see a little bulb icon on your locked screen. Tap on it and the device’s flash will be turned on. Now just hold it up to your face and unlock. You are all ready to use the Face ID on your Infinix Hot S3 now!

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