Is Peter Obi IPOB member?


Is Peter Obi A Member Of IPOB? – The Presidential candidate has been erroneously linked with the separatist groups.

His supporters have claimed this is being done by detractors, while Kwankwaso claims the IPOB links have ruined the chances of the former Anambra state Governor to emerge victorious come 2023.

The 2023 presidential election is a crucial one in the history of the most populous black nation.

Retired Army general Muhammadu Buhari is set to hand over to a successor after 8 years in power.

Expectations are high ahead of the polls, as Buhari who is from the northern region of the country is highly expected by many to hand over to a southerner come 2023.

Party primaries have come and gone, and we already have frontrunners who appear to be leading the pack ahead of the polls.

Heated debates and conversations on who should lead the country is currently taking place across social media platforms, but one intriguing topic that seems to have caught the eye, is if Peter Obi is a member of IPOB.

Obi is a former Anambra State Governor and a presidential flag bearer of Labour Party, LP in the upcoming elections.

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) was founded in the year 2012 by Nnamdi Kanu, and is a separatist organization seeking independence for Biafra land.

The federal government of Nigeria as expected doesn’t buy the idea of the group, and deemed the organisation a terrorist group in the year 2017.

Since then, various IPOB members have been arrested by security agents, with some suspects who claimed to be their members confessing to carrying out terrorist and criminal activities.

Nnamdi Kanu himself, is currently in detention, as he faces over 7 charges from the federal government including treasonable felony and terrorism.

So why is presidential candidate being linked to the group?

Ahead of the polls, talks of a merger between Peter Obi and the presidential candidate of the New Nigeria Peoples Party, NNPP, Rabiu Kwankwaso, had been mooted in the media.

Many were expectant that peter obi will most likely emerge as the presidential candidate of such merger with Kwankwaso the vice.

Such hopes were squashed when Kwankwaso himself went on live TV to state that the only window for a merger was one that saw peter obi as the vice.

According to the Kano state politician, Peter Obi’s presidential bid was already tainted by IPOB movement, and he couldn’t sell himself to the northern voters.

Put in mind that the northern region is responsible for the largest share of votes recorded in the country.

His comments came as a surprise to many, as Peter Obi had never been a known member of the group.

Even IPOB had to release a statement condemning Kwankwaso for linking them with the Nigerian politician.

In a strong worded statement by its spokesperson, Emma Powerful, IPOB said it does not want to associate itself with politicians and their “selection process they call in election in Nigeria.”

This was not the first time the Obi campaign has been targeted by Ipob links.

Just a few days back, a photograph showing a young man wearing a t-shirt with the colour of Biafra and stepping on a Nigerian flag went viral.

Those who shared the picture claimed the young man was a son of the presidential aspirant, as the called on voters to boycott Peter Obi.

The photo was tagged FAKE by the Peter Obi campaign team , stating that the falsehood was targeted at dampening their candidates image.

Peter Obi himself has never publicly declared himself a member of the group, though he has at some point called on the FG to use a different tactics in addressing their agitation.

He also last year pointed out that the violent sit at home enforcement in the South East must have been carried out by forces other than IPOB

The former governor while calling for peace wondered why the sit-at-home still continues despite countless statements from IPOB suspending it.

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