External influence simply are forces trying to control your relationship or marriage.

They may be people or your personal attitude which you don’t know is causing you issues in your relationship or marriage. It is very important you know them in order to work on them.

Most times relationship or marriage break not because of the devil, but because of some foreign influences.

Marriage is for two committed individuals willing to make it work.

One of the external influence is lack of Godliness. It means God is lacking in that relationship or marriage.

How can you be dating someone who does not respect God, stop trying to invite the devil as your father-in-law, yet trusting God for solution. Ko le work.

Don’t York with an unbelievers because of anything. It is a red flag🏳‍🟧‍⬛‍🟧

You discuss your relationship or marriage issues with friends, you think they love your union?

It is lack self control. Learn to control your lips

They begin to give you conflicting advice, thereby breaking your union. Learn to control your emotion.

You see, when lack of self control comes in , relationship or marriage becomes an object of mockery.

Learn to settle your issues by yourselves.

Discuss it, tell your partner that we are going to settle our issues no matter what.

Stop calling your parents, uncles, sisters, brothers at any slightest misunderstanding.

Your relationship is your life, stop making it like a community project.

External influence is listening to an outsider without consulting your partner.

You hear this about your partner, you don’t even ask questions, you just change mood. Ha , it is a sign that something external is trying to pull down your union.

You must learn to trust your partner, even if you hear something negative about them, try and ask questions from them in love. Don’t shout at them.

Trust in relationship is the bedrock of a successful Union on earth.

You said you are a Godly sister, but Godliness is not an invitation to mediocrity.

Dress fine.

Smell fine, stop smelling like rotten fish.

Put on perfume

Wear fitted and responsible cloth, those girls outside who are dressing fine is entering your bobo eyes o 😃😃

They are external influence oo.

You better gear up.

Dear Brothers,

Wear good cloth, why is your sokoto entertaining goat head, those fine guys are entering your babe eyes o 😃😃

You better gear up too.

Furthermore, lack of communication is an external influence trying to pull down your relationship or marriage.

You are always forming busy for your partner.

Don’t you know that communication is the rock of any successful Union.

You are opening door for a third party to do your job and in the process destroy your union.

Your attitude in your relationship or marriage determines if you are your own enemy or friend.

Therefore, work on yourself.

Take to corrections.

Be open to change.

Be submissive.

Be loving.

Be humble.

Be committed.

Go for personal development.

Go for trainings.

Read books on relationship or marriage.

Learn to improve yourself.

Trust in God and be prayerful to destroy all spiritual attacks or forces trying to pull down your relationship or marriage.

Your union is to be enjoyed not endured.

Learn to trust God and work towards making your relationship or marriage a successful one.

If your relationship or marriage is faced with some challenges, but you both have tried in solving it, but it not working out, look for a trusted mentor or people who are role model to both of you for help.

Remember, Relationship or marriage is not for babies, but for matured minds committed to making there union work.

I pray for you that may you not build your relationship or marriage to lintel level and allow another person to roof it for you in Jesus name.

Amen alone will not solve it, you have to work on your relationship and shut all the doors against any eternal forces.

© Nifemi Oluwamurewa

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