Russia vs Ukraine: We don’t want war should be the mantra

Russia vs Ukraine: We don't want war should be the mantra

Nigerian writer and web designer, Tolulope Ayeni, speaks on why citizens of Ukraine and global activists should team up and stop a possible invasion/war in Ukraine.

See what he shared below;

Boxing icon Wladimir Klitschko signs up for Ukraine's reserve army amid Russia invasion fears
I still don't understand why this is happening…do we actually think this is a joke….oh fancy photoshoot and we are talking about an invasion…
oh, sorry
When the violence comes, it doesn't respect status, and a lot would be ruined.
We don't want such violence….it takes a whooping 22years to recover fully from the impacts of war…
You think its exaggerated?
Visit Ife-Modakeke today, you will still find RUINS.
Rather than team up against the evils of war, and try to make the government find a solution to this 'diplomatic cadaver', Klitschko is showboating.
Isn't this the tragedy?
Historical, great minds have been able to save millions of lives via antiwar campaigns.
Best thing for Ukrainians is to make sure they pressure their govt to find a solution….it can even go global and Russians are also invited..
Should be the mantra…not all this showboating on media.

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