Slot Nigeria Phones: Complete price list of all mobile phones on [June 2017]


Here is a post which is going to give you the recently updated price list of Slot Nigeria mobile phones. This list is going to contain Tecno, Blackberry’s, Samsung, iPhone, HTC, Huawei, Sony Xperia, Asus, Infinix, Gionee, Innjoo and Lenovo Phones, Prices in Slot Nigeria today — June 2017.

Slot Nigeria is one of the top stores in Nigeria todayand have the largest network in the country. Slot Nigeria has an online store and also physical stores accross the 36 states of the Federation. So it is important for you to know the price list of mobile phones on Slot Nigeria today. This is not only going to help you know the price Slot Nigeria currently sells their phone but also going to guve you an idea of how much a phone is sold in the market so as to help you carefully plan your budget.

Before we go into the price list lets give you a full details of Slot Nigeria.

Brief History of Slot Nigeria

Nnamdi Ezeigbo is a symbol of the indomitable Nigerian spirit. The Umuahia, Abia born entrepreneur founded the technology company named slot in 1999

Slot sells original phones and mobile devices, slot limited has since become the ‘clear’ leader in the sector.

Now that you know a bit about the largest mobile phone store in Nigeria lets go into the price list of phones in Slot Nigeria today fully.

Compilation of the complete Slot Nigeria Mobile Phone Price List Today — June 2017

This list is going to be organised in the brands, so we are going to categories this pricing list based on the brand of the mobile phone. This is to make the listing essy to read for you.

Tecno Phones Price List at Slot Nigeria Today — June 2017

Tecno is one of the most popular mobile phone brands in Nigeria today. They have began to release some top mobile phones this 2017, with the Tecno Camon CX topping them. Lets go into the list…

  • Tecno Phantom 6 & 6 Plus

N84,000 For Phantom 6 & N132,000 For Phantom 6 Plus

  • Tecno Droipad 10 Pro II

Price: N100,000+

  • Tecno WinPad 2

Price: N94,000

  • Tecno Camon C9

Price: ₦51,000

  • Tecno Boom J8

Price: ₦45,000

  • Tecno Camon C8

Price: N40,500

  • Tecno L8

Price: ₦43,500

  • Tecno L8 Plus

Price: ₦47,000

  • Tecno Camon C7

Price: ₦50,000

  • Tecno W4

Price: N35,500

  • Tecno Droidpad 7C Pro

Price: ₦38,500

  • Tecno L9

Price: N65,000

  • Tecno L9 Plus

Price: N72,000

  • Tecno Camon CX
  • Price: N69,000

  • Tecno L8 Lite
  • Price: N35,000

  • Tecno Camon CX Air

Infinix Phones Price List at Slot Nigeria Today — June 2017

When talking about midrange mobile phones in Nigeria you cannot but mention Infinix. This mobile phone producers have produced so many cool devices into the Nigeria market and you are sure to find one or two of their phones suit you. Here we go with this list of Infinix phones price list on today.

• Infinix Zero 4 & Zero 4 Plus.
Price: N94,000 For Zero 4 & N114,000 For Zero 4 Plus

• Infinix Hot S
Price: N57,000

• Infinix S2 Pro
Price: N66,000

• Infinix Hot 4 & Hot 4 Pro

Price: N50,000 For Hot 4 & N57,000 For Hot 4 Pro

• Infinix Hot 3:
Price: N37,500

• Infinix Zero 3:
Price: ₦69,500

• Infinix Hot 3 Pro
Price: ₦39,500

• Infinix S2 Pro
Price: N80,000

Samsung Phones Price List at Slot Nigeria Today — June 2017

Samsung is a top mobile phone producing brand in the world today and take a large percentage of the market share. This brand is also popular in Nigeria today, here is the list of samsung phones on slot Nigeria today.

• Galaxy Note5 {N920C} Dual Gold:
Price: N213,000

• Galaxy Note5 {N920C} Single Gold
Price: N195,000

• Samsung Galaxy J5:
Price: ₦56,000

• Samsung Galaxy A7: ₦130,000
Price: ₦130,000

• Samsung Galaxy A8:
Price: ₦142,000

• Samsung Galaxy Tab 2:
Price: ₦164,500

• Galaxy S6 Edge+ 32GB Gold: 225,000
Price: N225,000

• Galaxy A5 (A510):
Price: N117,000

• Galaxy A3 (A310)
Price: N88, 800

• Galaxy A7 {A710 2016 Edition):
Price: N144, 000

• Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge:
Price: ₦232,000

• Samsung Galaxy S7:
Price: ₦196,000

iPhone Phones Price List at Slot Nigeria Today — June 2017

iPhone have really made a statement over the yeard in the mobile phone industry. Here is the up-to-date price list of iPhone on Slot Nigeria.

• Apple iPhone 7

• Apple iphone 6 128gb
Price: ₦200,000.00

• Apple Iphone 6S Plus 16GB {Rose Gold}
Price: ₦272,000

• Apple Iphone 6S Plus 128GB {Rose Gold}
Price: N320,000

• Apple ipad mini 2 (128gb)
Price: ₦165,000

• Apple ipad air 2 wi-fi cellular 128gb (all colour)
Price: ₦190,000

• Apple ipad air 2 wi-fi cellular 16gb
Price: ₦140,000

HTC Phones Price List at Slot Nigeria Today — May 2017

• HTC Desire 828
Price: N88,000

• HTC Desire 526
Price: 36,500

• HTC Desire 820 Dual
Price: N86,000

• HTC Desire 620 ₦29,000.00
Price: N44,500

• HTC Desire 626 Dual
Price: N57,000

• HTC One M9
Price: N140,000

• HTC One A9
Price: 131,000

• HTC One M9 Plus
Price: N131,000

• HTC One M8
Price: N92,500

• HTC One M8 eye
Price: N112,000

Sony Xperia Phones Price List at Slot Nigeria Today — June 2017

• Sony Xperia C3:
Price: ₦65,000

• Sony Xperia Z1:
Price: ₦73,000

• Sony Xperia T2 Ultra:
Price: N60,000

• Sony Xperia Z5:
Price: ₦191,500

• Sony Xperia Z1 Compact
Price: ₦67,000

There you have it on this post “Slot Nigeria Mobile Phone Current Price List — June 2017.” I hope you found this article helpful. Kindly share this post with others.

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    Gionee S Plus : #40,000
    Gionee M3 : #17,700
    Gionee M5 : #57,000
    Gionee P5 Mini : #22,500
    Gionee M5 Mini : #38,000
    Gionee M5 Plus : #75,000
    Apple iPhone 7 Plus – 32GB – N480,000 – N490,000
    Apple iPhone 7 Plus – 128GB – N550,000
    Apple iPhone 7 32GB – N360,000 – N370,000
    Apple iPhone 7 128GB – 410,000
    Apple iPhone 6S Plus 16GB – N275,000
    Apple iPhone 6S Plus 128GB – N318,000
    Apple iPad Air 2 Wifi Cellular 128GB All colour – N290,000
    Apple Macbook Air 11.6? 128GB Retina – N400,000
    Apple Watch 42MM Stainless – N270,000
    Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Gold:-N290,000
    Samsung Galaxy S8 Gold: N258,000
    Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Dual (N920C)= N253,000
    Samsung Galaxy J110 J1 ACE – N35,000
    Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini Prime: N30,000
    Samsung Galaxy J2: N43,000
    J3 (2016) – N50,000
    Samsung Galaxy J5 (J500) : N59,000 special price
    Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime: N70,000 Special Price
    Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime: N90,000
    Samsung Galaxy J700 J7: N87,000
    Samsung Galaxy S5: N100,000
    Samsung Galaxy S6: N145,000
    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 64GB: N223,000
    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ 32GB: N210,000
    Samsung Galaxy S7 32 GB: N247,000 Special Price
    Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB Edge {Pink Gold}: N249,000
    S7 Edge Pink Gold – N249,000
    Samsung Galaxy Tab E: N90,000
    Samsung Galaxy Tab T585N {10.1}: N121,000
    Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 T815N: N204,000
    Samsung Galaxy A3 ( A310 Edition)N100,000
    Samsung Galaxy A320 2017 – N122,000
    Samsung Galaxy A5 ( A510 2017 Edition ): N133,000
    Samsung Galaxy A5 ( A510 2016 Edition ): N133,000
    Samsung Galaxy A7 (A710 2016 Edition) : N185,000
    Samsung Galaxy A7 (A710 2017 Edition) : N160,000
    Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 (T285) – N63,000
    Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus – N44,000
    Infinix Zero 2: N42,000
    Infinix Note 2 (1GB RAM) : N39,500
    Infinix Note 2 (2GB RAM) : N45,000
    Infinix Note 3 X601 16GB + 2 : N58,500
    Infinix Note 3 pro N70,500
    Infinix Zero 3: N59,000
    Infinix Zero 4: N77,000
    Infinix Zero 4 Plus 4GB: N100,000
    Infinix Hot 3: N38,000
    Infinix Hot S: N52,000
    Infinix S2 Pro: N60,000
    Infinix Hot 4 Lite 16GB/1GB (X557): N33,500
    Infinix Hot 4 16GB/2GB (X557) : N38,500
    Infinix Hot 4 16GB/2GB (X557) PRO : N47,500
    Infinix Hot Note X551: N28,000
    Tecno Phantom 6 Plus: N111,000
    Tecno Phantom 6: N75,000
    Tecno Boom J5: N22,400
    Tecno Boom J7: N23,000
    Tecno Boom J8: N42,500
    Tecno Y6: N24,000
    Tecno C5: N39,000
    Tecno Camon CX: N59,000
    Tecno Camon CX Air: N46,500
    Tecno Camon C7: N35,500
    Tecno Camon C8: N39,500
    Tecno Camon C9 Plus: N74,000
    Tecno Camon C9: N64,000
    Tecno Phantom 5: N91,000
    Tecno WinPad 2 10.1: N108,000
    Tecno 7C Pro: N33,000
    Tecno L8 Lite: N30,000
    Tecno L8: N45,000
    Tecno L8 Plus: N51,000
    Tecno L9 Plus: N50,000
    Tecno W1: N19,500
    Tecno W2: N21,500
    Tecno W3: N24,000
    Tecno W3 LTE: N27,500
    Tecno W4: N34,000
    Tecno W5 Lite: N32,500
    T350: N4,800
    T349: N4,300
    Tecno DroidPad 10 Pro II: N95,000
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