Terrible! FUOYE students collapse in numbers over congestion at ICT center (Video)


At least 5 students of the Federal University Oye Ekiti (FUOYE) have collapsed due to a congestion at the ICT center of the institution, KikioTolu News can confirm.

The incident occurred earlier today, as students gathered for a test at the ICT center.

Despite the huge numbers of students that are said to have collapsed, there is no security or ambulance on ground to assist the students.

Watch the shocking video of students being rushed after collapsing at the ICT center;

A crowd collapse occurs when a crowd is so dense that each individual is touching others all around, and is to an extent supported by those around. This can occur if the crowd is moving or stationary. If a person then falls, the support to those around is lost, while the pressure from those further out remains, causing people to fall into the void. This process is then repeated, causing a bigger void, and will progress until the pressure eases: meanwhile those who have fallen are at risk of being smothered by the weight of bodies on top, or be trampled as the crowd is swept over them.

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