The drums were loud, yet not irritatingly deafening as TNA canvassed for Fayemi2023 Presidency in Ibadan


The drums were loud, yet not irritatingly deafening. That was the aura that came with the message of TNA in Ibadan city, South West Nigeria, as the inaugural gathering for Fayemi ”Must Contest #Nigeria2023 Presidency” aired amongst not just young enthusiasts, but elderly politicians alike.

The Convener, Nigeria Patriotic Coalition (one the Promoters of TNA) Yemi Akinbode called for Nigerians to choose a leader with new thinking and insights in 2023. A leader who will inspire and build the enthusiasm of the younger generation of Nigerians whose faith about Nigeria is declining.

Agreeably so, the leadership qualities attributed to Dr John Kayode Fayemi spanning his academic and political career came to bear as many of the distinguished personalities present at this inaugural gathering had nothing but sterling outpour of encomium on Fayemi’s qualification to lead Nigeria come 2023. He is predicted to hit the ground running when the time cones. The South-West Coordinator of Nigeria Patriotic Coalition, Mr Oska Ayeleso said that NPC would undertake this kind of political enlightenment crusade in all the states in the South West to launder the intellects and sharpen the political perspectives of the people in making desirable political decisions. Dr Sola Oladeinde, former Commissioner for Tourism, Arts and Culture Osun State, applauded the NPC team for coming out at this time in point with a positive public enlightenment project like this to educate and enlighten Nigeria and Nigerians in making informed political decisions.

The entrance of the TNA into South West Nigeria was preceded by carnival like inauguration events in other geo-political zones, such as South East, South South, North West, North East and North Central.
The International Conference Centre, University of Ibadan, was the location for this auspicious gathering on Tuesday 19th April, 2022.

In attendance at the One-day segmented event which also visited the Kabieyesi, Olubadan palace included two former Dep Govs, 2 former Speakers of HOA and a serving Speaker, 2 former Nigerian Ambassadors, National APC Publicity Secretary and other Regional officers, a former AIG, Members of NASS, members of State HOA, Serving and former Commissioners from Osun, Ondo, Ogun and Ekiti, top Government functionaries at federal and State levels, women leaders and women groups from SW Region, Arewa groups, amongst other notables.

By consensus in quality demanded of the next president of Nigeria come 2023 from participants and Nigerians at large was a
call for the emergence of a purpose driven and Visionary leadership.

Former Nigerian Ambassador to the Republic of Philippines, Yemi Farounbi, who was a facilitator at the advocacy session reiterated the need for Nigerians to vote for a younger, intelligent and forward-looking candidate as president of the country in 2023, this is even as he lamented that Nigeria’s problem has always been leadership.

Speaking in the same vein, the former Deputy Governor of Oyo State, Chief Iyiola Oladokun insisted it was time a young Nigerian under 60 years took over the reign of government at the federal level.

“We have capable young Nigerians with impressive pedigrees in political administration, peoples’ and resources management that can drive the Nigerian growth trajectory on faster momentum. That is why I am calling on Nigerians to search out young people with such qualities and support them to get into high offices of state like becoming the President,” Oladokun explained.

The Director-General of TNA, Mallam Ahmad counseled Nigerians to be deliberate about the political recruitment process in 2023 because of its serious implications for the peace, unity, economic prosperity of the country and ultimately, its development. To this end, he enjoined delegates from the Southwest to actively engage in spreading the message and objectives of The Nigeria Agenda to the grassroots as Ambassadors of the advocacy that will birth a new Nigeria.

The DG DAWN, Dr Seye Oyeleye in his paper said Nigeria’s present and future needs to be restructured by the will of the people.
”The country is currently being run against the will of the people, as the constitution serving as the social contract of the country is illegitimate without any input from Nigerians.
He said that addressing Nigeria’s constitutional deficiency is the first step to getting right the national question and consequently pursuing the Nigeria Agenda.

He tasked Nigerians to pull their efforts at addressing the Constitutional deficiencies first and all other things shall follow. He said that without this, any other step at solving our challenges will be tantamount to putting the horse before the cart.

Niyi Akinsiju, Chief Advocate of TNA canvassed the urgent need for a change of attitude by the voting publics as they exercise their primary constitutional duty of recruiting political office holders through the ballot box.

“The leadership of a society is a reflection of the ethos and outlooks of the people of the society. The emergence of dependable and promise keeping leadership must, therefore, be the outcome of the collective insistence of the publics to invest their votes in individuals that have track records of dependability, integrity, capacity, decency and pedigree of service,” Akinsiju noted.

Surveyor Abiodun Aluko, former Deputy Governor of Ekiti State, echoed his Oyo State counterpart submission by demanding of voters in the Southwest to actively search for the right kind of leadership.

“We have passed that period when we wait for politicians to declare interest in particular offices and they get there only for them to serve their selfish interests. From now on, we must determine the people that lead us by deliberately identifying and searching them out for support. We have determine the character traits of leaders and ensure individuals that tick the boxes in term of value orientation are recruited by us to serve us.” Aluko asserted.

For Julius Ogunro, Consultant to TNA, the right kind of political leadership is more important than all the mineral resources that we may have been blessed with in the country.

Other speakers at the event, included Professor Tunde Adeniran, who sent a representative; Lola Fagbemi and the Osun State Commissioner for Political Affairs and Inter-governmental Relations, Taiwo Akeju, all called for the right leadership to steer the ship of the country.

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