Things That Can Easily Make You Poor In Nigeria as a Youth – 2017 Research


Things That Can Easily Make You Poor In Nigeria as a Youth - 2017 Research

There are so many things Nigerian youths engage themeselves in today that can leave them poor. In this post, I am going to be listing some top 5 things that can easily make you poor in Nigeria as a youth. Please note, this post is my personal view, and is not unarguable (Since I am no Solomon), so I will like you to make this interactive as you share your views on this post.

Here we go….

  1. Spending too much time in school: Am not saying education is bad, I never can. But let us be realistic, too much of a good thing, would make it just bad. Some people are spending too much time and money in school, and I feel they could do better spending that time and money elsewhere. Imagine you spend 4 years + x in undergraduate, 2 years doing your masters,4 years studying PhD and some go to the extreme by taking another 4 years studying professional courses. I don’t think this is a bright idea, all these time, someone is busy building an empire to employ you, and they are going to end up your boss.
  2. Alcohol and promiscuity: Alcohol and promiscuity go hand in hand. If you are a youth in Nigeria, and all you do is indulge in this two acts, then you might just end up a poor man/woman.
  3. Betting: This has now become so rampant, and it is really killing a lot of Nigerian youths financially today. I wonder how you are going to save money for that awesome business idea you have when you are busy gambling. The truth is this betting/gambling platforms are dubious. They claim you can get rich quick on it, but in truth, you win a little then lose endlessly. Yes, it is true that some win big, but check the ratio of wins to loses and you will agree that betting/gambling is a bad idea.
  4. Wasting you time on unproductive activities: Many Nigerian youths today are social media addicts and gossip kings. They spend so much time on the net, engaging in activities that won’t profit their lives. Time na money. The time you are squandering is sufficient to make an empire
  5. Being comfortable as an employee: I can understand the state of the economy and all, it is necessary one works under an establishment to make some cash. But in truth, you have to also plan an exit strategy. Believe me, being your own boss is key to financial freedom.

What do you think about the above post? Share your views below.

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